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There are thousands of registered charities in the country helping injured veterans, service members, and their families. However, when it comes down to choosing an organization to donate your time or money to it can be a difficult decision.

If you’re struggling with the choice, do not become overwhelmed! There are a number of great resources available online to help you while you do your research. It’s important that the charity you settle on has values that align with your own and offers transparency when it comes to how they allocate their funds. Charity Navigator is a fantastic starting point for anyone interested.

Here are a few wounded veteran charities doing outstanding work.

Special Operations Warrior Foundation
The organization was founded in 1980 after an attempt to rescue American hostages in Iran ended with the loss of eight servicemen, who left behind 17 children. The promise was made and upheld to take care of those 17 children and to this day the Special Operations Warrior Foundation still offers support to families of injured service men and women. The Foundation provides those severely combat-wounded with financial grants and ensures full financial assistance for post-secondary education to all children of Special Operations service members who lost their lives while serving their country.

Fisher House Foundation
This Foundation actually builds homes for families of military and veterans to stay for free, while their loved ones are in the hospital. The homes are located at VA and military hospitals all over the world. Each place offers families comfortable private rooms with community spaces to spend time with other families that are going through a similar experience. The Foundation also has a program that uses donated frequent flyer miles to assist families with airfare when they need to be at the bedside of an insured service member.

Semper Fi Fund
This charity was founded by a group of military spouses in 2003. They provide financial assistance and programming for wounded, critically ill, or majorly injured service members and their families while they are hospitalized and in recovery. The Fund also provides canine and transportation assistance, housing to injured soldiers, and other unique programs to help make the transition easier for the wounded and their families.

The Gary Sinise Foundation
Gary Sinise is an actor and a major advocate for the nation’s military. The foundation he created offers outreach support to first responders, active duty, veterans, and their families.  The mission of the Foundation is achieved through all sorts of wonderful programs. They build homes especially adapted for severely wounded veterans, provide meals to families, and host all day, morale-boosting celebrations at military medical centers across the country. The Foundation shows gratitude to American heroes and is dedicated to honoring their sacrifices.

Freedom Service Dogs of America
This organization adopts shelter dogs and trains them to become service dogs, assisting people in need. Many of those people happen to be injured military personnel and veterans. The service dogs are taught to pick things up, turn lights on, pull wheelchairs, open doors and so much more. The FSD is completely donor-funded and does not charge clients for any of their services, providing lifetime support for all owners and their dogs.